Art/Animation(New 5/20/2007)

Scratch is a super easy, intuitive program that lets just about anybody create their own interactive stories, games and animations to share on the web. Scratch was designed to be used by kids ages 8 and up and its incredibly easy (and fun) to get started.
It’s free and was apparently developed by folks at MIT specifically to be useable by people between the ages of 8-16 year olds as an educational tool. They offer a number of instructional videos, start up guides and examples to help you get started. Don’t let the target age group turn you off though, this is a fun program to play with and regardless of your age and skill level it’s doodle-friendliness makes it well worth grabbing.

Smarter Search Engines
Grokker -
Vivisimo -
Web-based(OnLine) White Board:
Skrbl -
Web-based(OnLine) Create a Map:
Interactive Maps -
Show where you've been. Add pictures to tell a story.
Video & Audio
Evoca - Include audio on a Blog, Wiki, or Website
Zamzar-Convert any file to another format using free, online service -- Zamzar
HeyWatch -Video Encoding Web Service -
( Hey!Watch provides a simple and robust encoding plateform for both individuals (B2C) and companies (B2B). You can use the service either via a REST API or a simple and intuitive interface. The service allows developers to access a fast, scalable and inexpensive web service to encode videos easier. The API can be easily integrated in any web or desktop applications. )
Slideshare -
Eyespot - Simple Video Mixing and Sharing -
Research Tools
Zotero - Citing and capturing online resources in Firefox -
Net Snippets - Collect text, images and links from anywhere into one location -
ScanR - Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera (Use with Whiteboards, Documents)
Quimble - Create online polls -
TeacherTube -