Podcasting - Personal On Demand casting, can be video or audio.

Podcasting in Plain English (video)

Podcast Instructions

Group: Dewitte Shipley, John Kovaleski.

Apple Computers

A site I found that can be used to create and publish basic podcasts - gabcast.com. You call in (toll-free #) and record your "episode" and then it is published to gabcast. You can set it up to publish directly to a blog, or you can paste the link in your blog or wiki or other webpage.

GCast http://www.Gcast.com and Podomatic are similar and both are free. http://www.podomatic.com

From DeWitteShipley - This is a very good podcast about using smartboards. The 2 teachers who do this podcast are entertaining and informative for all grades K-12 . They're located in Canada and cover a wide variety of uses for the smartboard. I've been listening to them for about 2 months. Go to this site http://pdtogo.com

Several podcasts by teachers talking about their use of technology. I've found all of these interesting and informative.
  • Serves as examples of teacher podcasts
  • Some podcasts are "vodcasts" (video)
  • Some provide technology info and others involve podcasting

Powerpoint on How to create a Powerpoint:
Templates for creating podcasts (1) Radio WillowWeb: (2) Script Template:

The Educational Podcast Network has many podcasts on specific disciplines (Scinence, Math, Social Studies, etc) http://www.epnweb.org/index.php?openpod=11#14