Blogs in the Classroom

  • Teacher Spill Dieterich, an English teacher at Acadiana H.S. in Lafayette, Louisiana, uses blogmeister to create a very well organized site that focuses on the teacher entries in the center then has quicklinks to student work (organized by class) at the right. See it at Spill Dieterich's Blog.

Wikis in the Classroom

  • Teachers Vicky Davis (in Bangladesh) and Julie Lindsay (in Georgia) have created a wiki for their students to work together - across the world - on a project that explores the concept that "the world is flat" (based on the book by Thomas Friedman). This project was completed during Nov-Dec 2006 and has attracted alot of media attention and awards. See it at The Flat Classroom Project. By the way...I took their lead and I am using Wikispaces to create this wiki. If you like it, see


  • Moodle is "an open source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities." See the package at
  • The MCIU has a moodle site that looks to be new. See MCIU Moodle.