Cross - Curriculum Tools & Lessons

  1. Wordle - Generates Word Clouds from text you provide, Wordle Example: Wordle: Obama 2-26 speech, education
  2. Wordia - Allows you to record a video describing a word of your choosing
  3. Scriblink - Online whiteboard
  4. Google Earth
  5. - $$. Lets you create online tests and quizzes, surveys, and other interactive activities/games.
  6. Taking it Global
  7. Animoto - Creates videos using your photos and music
  8. Voicethread
  9. Google Tools for Educators
  10. Screencasts - Software that allows you to create a digital recording of computer screen output. Great for creating Instructional Videos.
  11. Nettrekker - Excellent web-based teacher resource, paid for by PDE. Instructions on creating a free account.
  12. Glogster - Many benefits, one being: rives new interest levels around subjects that may have been seen as “boring” before. Example of a Holocaust poster using Glogster.
  13. Images - Images that can be used for the creation of posters, etc.
  14. Create your own rubrics