Algebra II Resources

  1. Slope of a line - Interactive applet, allows you to change slope and y-intercept
  2. Slope Slider - Allows you to change slope and y-intercept with a slider
  3. Interactive Game for finding equation of a line - Algebra vs. the Cockroaches
  4. Linear Piecewise Functions - Graphing
  5. Qualitative Grapher
  6. Linear Transformer
  7. Quadratic Transformer
  8. Various - Shodor Interactive
  9. Mr. Khan's Youtube Math Instructional Videos
  10. Algebra II caching - Students use answers to three problems to form a new URL address to continue the game.
  11. Complex Numbers
  12. Function Operations and Composition - Interactive Applet, input two functions, perform any operation on them
  13. Real world example of composition of functions
  14. Composition of functions - Interactive applet, shows result in 2D and 3D
  15. Hippocampus - Excellent audio/video lessons!