Activboards, Activstudio, ActivInspire related information

  1. Activstudio 3 Training - Document which disusses Promethean Activstudio online training
  2. Creating Links on an Activstudio Flipchart (Word document)
  3. Flipchart Viewer - Students can view flipcharts you uploaded to ProgressBook at home. After clicking on the link, they must agree to terms and conditions and submit form. The subsequent page allows them to download PC Activstudio Flipchart Viewer.
  4. ActivInspire training & download
    • Go to this site and click on the Free - ActivInspire training - Studio on the upper left side -
    • Training tutorial Flipchart - Go to S:/CFF 2008 - 2009/ActivInspire then click on the ActivInspire_Studio_Beginner_Tutorial flipchart. (Requires that ActivInspire is installed on your desktop)
    • Additional Flipchart examples can also be found at S:/CFF 2008 - 2009/ActivInspire
    • To download at home, go to this site - (you'll need to establish a free Promethean account if you don't have one already). Use this serial number when it asks: 00037288538471953573 .

Interactive Whiteboard Effectiveness in England - Two items: BBC News Article and Actual Research Report