21st Century Student information

  1. Research Paper describing 21st Century Student
  2. Video on 21st Century Student
  3. NY Times Article - Student Centered, Collaborative Learning in College
  4. 21st Century Skills with Explanations
  5. Bloom's New Taxonomy
  6. NECC 2007 (National Education Computing Conference) - There were some very good podcasts and information about the Web 2.0. This link goes to Joyce Valenza (Springfield HS librarian & Apple Distinguished Educator - Podcast is on the Apple site) and the CFF coach who presented at this conference in June. Following is a link to their wiki.
  7. An interesting article from CNET (July 17, 2007) about teens, IM, Text Messaging, e-mailing and social networks.
  8. Collaborative Learning
  9. Rubrics for 21st Century student work
  10. Partnership for 21st Century Skills
  11. http://web20guru.us/
  12. Motivational Role of Pride
  13. The Path to Purpose- Helping Our Children Find Their Calling in Life - Book by Professor William Damon